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Name:- Remuvika Rating:- 4/5 Review :- As I am from Rajasthan, my primary education was mostly Hindi based and had a really less touch with English and this paid me a lot in a negative sense when I started looking for a job.Usually people like me has to face a lot of problem to crack a simple interview and it become worse when you are actually really good at academics but dont know how to express yourself. Well I was actually introduced to english when I got admission in Delhi University college where 80% of the crowd belongs to a english medium background .It was really tough to adjust to this new english environment but somehow within first two years, I managed to grab some often used phrases and sentences to get with my mates pace but gradually I realized that bounding myself to a limited number of words and sentences is not enough so I started learning new words but again just reading out new words is not enough .Its about remembering those words and to use them in daily life. I sorted it out through a special technique taught by Vocabsolution that not only makes you remember thousands of words in a quick time but also helps you in remembering them for lifetime. Their technique is based on relating already known things to newly introduced words . So its actually not letting you remembering those words, it actually helps you to create a photographic memory that imprints in you brain which is more active.There are some examples that I think I should share with you all. Delicious= Delhi+ see+us Monopoly= MONU(Name)+POLYthene With this technique, I was actually able to learn around 5000 words in a span of three weeks(Depending upon your interest).The whole secret comes in a form of DVD or Pendrive which ever you choose and set of words are divided in sessions that lets you learn through Audio and visual tecniques.I would definitely recommend Vocabsolution to every one who belongs to English language and wants to excel in this language. Name:- Kritika Mittal Rating:- 5 /5 Review :-Vocab solution is the one stop which helps you to enhance your Vocabulary in just limited hours. It provides number of words to memorize on the daily basis. It is a great platform for the ones who are keen of learning good vocabulary and improve their skills in making sentences. By providing numerous different words, they helps you in building up your confidence and achieving your aims successfully. Name:- Shalini Rating:- 5 /5 Review:- Sir I have got my pen-drive drive videos are working in pen-drive but when I copy videos from pen-dive to my laptop it asks me to activate .is there any key to activate them on my laptop . actually sir my brother live in banglore he is doing mba from there he also wants to learn words as he found your videos very interesting but when it copy them it asks for key . one more thing sir I am trying to call you from more than 3 hours but your mobile is not reachable sir call me back my order number is 32132173588 . sir thank you your videos are awesome sir please call me FaceBook reviews Name:- Pooja Gupta Rating:- 5 /5 Review:-its really awesome ! my exam is over now i am rating you as i promised on phone if it will help me i will rate you with 5 stars . so i kept my promise. Name:- Poonam Rana Rating:- 5 /5 Review:-it helped me a lot and saved my time ! thank you Name:- Gaurav Kamboj Rating:- 5 /5 Review:-Best product for GRE exam preparation,Great video and audio quality. I received my order on time.All the concept for GRE exam is clearly mentioned.


Vocabsolution is proud to announce the best kept secrets from the world of education countering all the problems related to English vocabulary. Unique Vocabsolution video lectures.Now easily accessible and affordable to all the students and individual who have the passion to improve and excel in their respective competitive exams, preparation for interview and corporate communication.


About Vocabsolution Vocabsolution is proud to announce the best kept secrets from the world of education countering all the problems related to English vocabulary. Feel the power of Knowledge.

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We are proud to announce that the best kept secret enables a student technique in the field of education that will counter all the problems related to English vocabulary ; Unique Vocabsolution video lectures.

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